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10 Things I Wish I’d Learned in Medical School is a compilation of the most helpful things I’ve learned since finishing medical school and residency: practices and concepts which have proved invaluable to my patients in the form of better health and better quality of life.


Healing isn’t simply the absence of illness or pain and is almost never instant. Healing is facilitated by carefully examining the conditions that give rise to your current state of health, and discovering what actions can be taken in order to remove the obstacles that are preventing your body from returning to its natural, balanced, optimal state of health.


These ideas are helpful no matter what stage of life or health you find yourself in, whether you have just been diagnosed with cancer, a more chronic illness like diabetes, or simply don’t feel as healthy as you might. Because living in greater health and peace is possible—no matter how many illnesses are plaguing you, and no matter how close you may be to death.